Is it Time to Upgrade the Stadium Lighting System?


Facility managers at sports clubs can face particular challenges. Maintaining several properties and operating on a minimum budget while having sufficient time to attend to every task are just a few.

Although LED sports lights cannot solve all issues, it will come a long way towards enhancing sports facilities and reducing energy consumption. Below are a few benefits of an LED sports lighting system coupled with the need to upgrade or maintain them.

  • Energy reduction

What is energy reduction? If you have 100 fixtures that run 100 days annually, the cost of electricity at a facility will be about 12kw/h. Therefore, savings for the lights should be approximately $5,400 annually. If the hours of electricity usage are higher, then the total amount of savings will increase. In case you want to get an ideal sense of the actual savings you have and the ROI, then you can refer to an ROI calculator.

  • Cutting down on the maintenance spend

Facility managers are often concerned about the maintenance cost of their metal halide coupled with the high-pressure sodium lighting. Lasting approximately 30,000 hours, and in multiple cases, lesser, and getting rid of the same maintenance burden are the primary reasons these people need to replace older field lights with the LED sports lights.  

But looking at the behavior of the metal halide, it is clear that it suffers intense lumen degradation. It is clearly uncommon for such metal to lose part of its initial lumen in the first 7,000 hours of the bulb’s half-life.  

While the lights may still be on, the lighting of the field can be dim. This should only be solved by replacement, making the maintenance cost of the sports lighting an expensive affair.

Typically, the fixtures are mounted as high as 100 feet. Bringing in the equipment is an expensive proposition.

  • Obtain quality lighting performance

With the LED sports lighting, it is pretty rare for the color rendering index to hit 70 and below. Compared to HPS, LED is way better performance-wise. This implies that the lighting with the higher CRI makes everything appear brighter.

At the same time, with the lighting, the players have an excellent experience since they can easily see the ball. The fans in the stands can also see the game clearly. Most colors appear as they need to. The source of the light does not discolor them.

As with every application in the lighting industry, LED sports lights have several uses. One of the most significant benefits of this lighting is how affordable it is. Its instant brightness is also another benefit.

Final Thoughts

There you have it.

The industry of LED lighting is quickly evolving. LED sports lights come with several advantages. They include a reduction in the total energy consumed, reduced maintenance cost, in addition to better lighting performance. LED enhances the lighting quality of your sports field. Other than that, it creates a high standard in the gaming facility while cutting down the primary costs you spend to light the areas at the back end.


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