Enjoy Honor Mobile Phones With Their Excellent Waterproof System


Mobile phones with an excellent waterproof system are the best sort because they prevent you from worrying about unnecessary spills and splashes. Honor is that product that will give you peace of mind even when you mistakenly drop the mobile phone in water, as they are specially designed to resist moisture. This is also an advantage because you can take photos by the pool, at the beach, or even in the rain without worrying about your phone.

The water-resistance level of mobile phones is rated by IP, which determines how long the phone can stay in the water at different depths. IP67 rating means your mobile phone will be protected against one meter of water for 30 minutes, while IP68 gets you protection against 1.5 meters. However, some products refer IP68 rating for protection from water as deep as 4 meters.

Most sophisticated smartphones are designed to resist water up to varying degrees. Honor magic3 pro performs well in that area with a score of IP54, while its higher version, honor magic3 pro plus, has an IP68 rating. This means they can both resist water splashes and being submerged in water.

When purchasing any mobile phone, always check for the IP rating. However, if there is none or no indication that the device has been treated with a water-repellant coating, it will be damaged when any amount of water comes in contact with it. Mobile phones with an excellent waterproof system have quite a few advantages discussed here.

Benefits Of Honor’s Excellent Waterproof System


With your daily usage of your mobile phones, germs and dust get attracted to the device, and when they accumulate, the phone gets really dirty. Honor mobile phone allows you the privilege to wash the device under running water but not for too long and then wipe it down with a microfiber cloth. The same procedure you go through in cleaning your hand before eating should also apply to cleaning your honor mobile phone.

Convenient usage

When you freshly step out of the shower or bath and you get a call, you have the urge to pick up that call immediately. With honor mobile phone, you can go ahead, unlike when your phone is not waterproof, you will have to dry up before picking up the call. Honor mobile phones also enable you to read books underwater and even listen to music without worrying. Using honor magic3 pro plus for underwater photography is also a plus. The excellent waterproof system of the phone allows you to take photos while diving without worrying about endangering the device. This applies to several other honor mobile phones but that depends on their IP rating.


The peace of mind that comes with having an honor mobile phone is an incredible feeling. You know that if rain falls or your cup of coffee spills, your device is safe because of its waterproof feature, which protects it from any liquid threats.


Exercising and sweating go hand-in-hand as you cannot exercise without sweating. You can use your honor device, which is sweat-proof, whenever you exercise without fearing its exposure to your body fluid. As you run, jog, or use the treadmill, you can also pick up calls and attend to other things on it.


Water and mobile devices are not best of friends, but mobile phones have been able to withstand water with the evolution of technology. The benefits of honor’s excellent waterproof system enable you to understand why everyone needs a water-resistant device irrespective of the attached price. This is because such devices can be costly, like honor magic3 pro mobile price and other similar prices of honor products.


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