Gas vs electric pressure washers


Pressure washers can be extremely useful, whether they are used for daily cleanings, or you use them in an inc corporation. Whenever people move into their new homes, they need to take care of their exteriors as well as interiors. There are a lot of pressure washers that you can invest in.

When it comes to choosing the correct washers, you need to take into consideration the different settings that they might come with, their overall price points, their PSI, their cleaning unit measurements and many other points are always there to consider.

There are mainly two types of pressure washers that people will choose between, now whether it is a gas or an electric pressure washer, that is a different story. You might be thinking of buying a pressure washer and might be a complete beginner therefore might not know which one to choose.

So for that reason, in this article we will discuss the differences between a gas and an electric pressure washer so that you are able to choose wisely and buy a pressure washer for daily use. Let’s get started!

Cleaning units

The first thing that everyone will consider when they are aiming to invest in a pressure washer is the cleaning units. Keep in mind that the units will depend on the type of pressure washer that you will buy. An electric pressure washer’s cleaning unit or CU will be a unit between 1000 and 3000, since it is used for lighter tasks.

Now, in comparison, when it comes to gas pressure washers, their cleaning unit or CU numbers range starting from 5000 and are no less than 15000. This is because gas pressure washers are typically used for heavier tasks and are not used for day-to-day uses.


The next thing to keep in mind is the “gallons per minute” of your pressure washer that you intend to buy. Electric pressure washers will typically have a GPM of 1.0-1.3, meaning that they are able to let out that amount of water in terms of gallons per minute. This can be perfect for cleaning outdoor patios.

However, when it comes to gas-powered pressure washers, they will typically run with a higher GPM, meaning that they are able to let out more gallons per minute, ranging from 1.3-1.7. This means that gas pressure washers are going to be used for heavier tasks and can not be used for daily lighter tasks.


Last but not least, pricing is another thing to consider. If the customer is on a budget, then they will typically be recommended an electric pressure washer, since they are very budget friendly, and they can typically run you down a solid 100 dollars or sometimes even less.

Compared to an electric washer, a gas washer is a little bit more expensive, and the reason for that lies in heavy usage, so gas washers can typically end up costing around 240-300 dollars.

Parting words

All in all, these are the few main differences that sets apart a gas power washer from an electric pressure washer. Both are great for home usage, but the customer needs to know these differences before settling for any pressure washer.


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