Various Applications of Polyolefin Shrink Film


Wrapping is an essential step while packaging. Manufacturers pack their products in innovative ways to ensure safety and integrity. Since commercialization has taken on, manufacturers have already engaged in a race to produce cheaper, better, and modish products. These items must appeal the aesthetics. For this reason, the packaging is considered the kingmaker.

The use of polyolefin shrink film has spiced up the game quite well. It is a remarkable shrink film that has excellent settling properties. This film is scoring high amongst others, and we don’t wonder why it is becoming the first choice.

This blog post will walk you through a brief introduction to POF film and its extensive applications. Stay tuned!

Poly Olefin Shrink Film

The POF shrink film is transparent, clear, and hassle-free. The logic behind calling it a shrink film is that it shrinks and fits into the product after exposure to heat. It is highly resistant to wear, tear, and temperature changes.

This film has high tensile strength. This property makes it suitable for making longer rolls with thinner gauges. The FDA approval has blessed it the authenticity for safer use in the food industry. It is highly transparent and glossy and does not turn yellow with time. It is a preferred choice because of a highly crossed link structure, so it does not become brittle over time.

Applications of Poly Olefin Shrink Film

This wrapping film has made it to numerous markets such as;

Food Industry

The polyolefin shrink film makes the food items stand out. A part of the wrapping sheet’s gloss can be seen in the wrapped fruits and vegetables. This instantly attracts the customer. Besides being pleasant to the eyes, such food items are secured against dust, dirt, and other harmful agents. The film makes sure to protect the eatables against possible traumas.

Wrapping bakery items such as bread, croissants, and buns have exalted the overall package to new heights. The neat, shiny food items will be your instant pick as soon as you enter a bakery.

Gift Hampers

Gifting is the best way to express love, care, and affection towards your dear ones. The use of polyolefin shrink film has almost transformed the hampers. Gone are the days when your gifts were packed in thick wrapping sheets. Wrapping in POF film is the new trend since the details are pretty exposed. Gift hampers are wrapped in POF shrink film to make them prominent and heartwarming.

Health Care

The health care products and pharmaceuticals are wrapped in poly olefin shrink film to render them safe. It provides a better seal, thus avoiding spilling and leakage. The use of this film has gained popularity in the pharmaceutical field because, besides protecting the product, the details are meanwhile exposed, making it easier for the vendors to sort them out.

Domestic Use

This wrap is primarily used on a domestic scale as well. You can easily use it to cover different items for safety, cleanliness, and more. Other than that, it can be used to pack bundles of various products such as a pile of paper plates, glasses, etc.


The polyolefin shrink wrap is the sheet used to cover various items. It is the ultimate solution for the perfect seal. This wrap is liked for its super shiny surface, high tensile strength, resistance to heat, and wear and tear. It has numerous applications. It is used in the pharmaceutical industry to pack health care products. It has a massive use in different sectors to pack the bundles. The food industry has been benefiting from it for quite a long now.


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